California Artist Mildred Jonas Mid-century Oil Painting, Mexican Influence

California Artist Mildred Jonas  Mid-century Oil Painting, Mexican Influence
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Description: We offer an original oil painting by the artist Mildred Jonas. It is 18 ½”x 15”, signed at the upper right, painted on board and housed in its original handmade frame of whitewashed cork with a scalloped edge (19 ½”x 23”). Item #FA00152. This lively painting of hands holding tropical flowers upwards shows Jonas' casual unstudied mark making and remarkable, kinetic sense of composition. The typed note on verso reads: “I am glad you want the picture. I think you remember it because you felt about it what I did when I made it – the brown earthy hands and worn clothes are the way the people feel, and the uplifted hands with the gardenias and orchids express that quality the Mexicans have that makes you love them – sort of natural delicacy and gentleness. I seem to be doing a mail order business as Lee Anna Shiva sent for a West Indian painting since I came here.” The frame has two addresses for the artist written on verso, one in New York and one in San Francisco. From a 1958 press release for Lucien Labaudt Art Gallery: “Mildred Jonas was born and grew up in the State of New York. She has studied at the Chicago Art Institute, the Art League of New York and with Alfred Maurer. She has shown at the Weybe Gallery and the Ferragil Gallery in New York and with the New York Women Artists.” (Lucien Labaudt was a painter, muralist, costume and set designer. He also ran a commercial art school called the California School of Design. After his death in 1943, on assignment as a war artist correspondent, his wife, Marcelle Labaudt, established the Lucien Labaudt Art Gallery in San Francisco, California. She specialized in giving younger or relatively unknown artists their first exhibitions and operated the gallery until 1980). Condition: Fine untouched condition.